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Customer Testimonials for Automotive Concierge Services Leasing & Sales LLC

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Proud Dad - 2019 Honda Accord

I’ve been leasing my cars for 27 years. My wife started leasing 12 years ago. Our eldest daughter is going away to college on the west coast in September. We wanted her to have her own car out there and wanted a new car for her as a comfort of safety for Her and Us.

After leasing the 13 cars between my wife and myself; I can say, I hate shopping for new cars!!! I don’t have the patience of the salesperson going back and forth to a manager who is 15 feet away from me and looking at me the entire time. Then having to check their pricing with another dealer(going through this again) it’s just the worst.
With my daughter knowing the financial burden of household bills plus now a big college tuition on my wife and I, she decided on her own to do all the leg work for her new car. When she showed me the quote from ACS for her new lease, I thought they were low-balling her only to raise the price later, I mean these guys came in under what I had thought. Car signed to me @ that exact quote!! I thank ACS and my daughter for putting me on to them. I now look forward to my new lease from them!!!

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E Jones - 2010 Ford Explorer

The process was outstanding!!! They listened to exactly what I was asking for and had 3 great choices and then I picked one. they delivered it to me the next day

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Jeramy Wingate - 2016 BMW 230

“I went to 4 dealerships and they all told me I was upside down on my Trade in and my credit was not good enough to get approved with my trade in. I went to A.C.S., and they made it happen!!!!

– Jeramy Wingate

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